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The portfolio of Investis Properties consists predominantly of residential properties located in the Lake Geneva region. It was valued at CHF 981 million as at 31 December 2016

Investis has developed its Properties business line over more than 20 years. It generated revenues of CHF 41.9 million and an operating profit (EBIT) of CHF 76.7 million during the fiscal year 2016.


Within the Properties business segment, investing is the main activity and consists of the ownership and development of a residential property portfolio focused on the Lake Geneva region. The portfolio is located within the Lake Geneva region, the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud as well as, to a smaller extent, the Canton of Valais. In the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud, the majority of buildings are clustered around Geneva and Lausanne. The following graph depicts the geographical distribution of the properties:


The portfolio consists of 2,334 middle-income residential units in 136 buildings. Based on market value and main use, 88% of the properties are used for residential purposes and 12% for commercial purposes.


Investis pursues a long-term buy and hold strategy, meaning that it rents the properties after acquisition and strategically manages them to enhance their long-term rental income and value. Refurbishments, including value-adding works to rental units and buildings, are completed based on a five-year plan. The majority of the properties have been refurbished under the Group’s ownership. 

--> Detailed information on the properties is available on the company website as well as under property portfolio in this annual report. 


Investis carries out opportunistic developments aiming at high returns on sales. To this end, Investis selectively purchases the land, obtains the necessary construction permits, develops the properties and subsequently rents or sells them.

Serviced Apartments

The Serviced Apartments activity consists of the operation of 77 serviced apartments under the OMI Residences brand. The apartments are located in the center of Geneva and managed by Régie du Rhône SA.