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Investis’ most important ambassadors are its employees

Investis’ workforce 1,229 employees (headcount) split among Group segments

in general 

Investis combines the strengths of a privately owned company with the financial clout of a listed group. Its organisation is characterised by lean structures with short decision-making paths, trust, transparency and dialogue. This allows Investis to react swiftly to changing market conditions and seize opportunities as they arise.

Committed, well-trained employees are a key prerequisite to the company’s future success. During the reporting year 2019, Investis continued its efforts to position itself on the job market as a progressive employer with an open corporate culture and development opportunities. Investis' employees contribute to the overall success of the group with their high degree of specialisation. Investis actively promotes and supports training and continuing education (254 employees were supported with an amount of CHF 0.2 million in 2019, including multi-year study programmes and additional qualifications). 21 young people are starting their careers within the Group as an apprentice, predominantly with a commercial apprenticeship. The aim is to impart all the skills that are required for apprentices to pursue their chosen careers in a professional, independent and responsible manner.

attractive working environment

Investis’ prime objective is to acquire and retain the best employees for the Company. Investis sees itself as an attractive employer with an open entrepreneurial culture that offers development opportunities. The Group strives to implement reasonable work requirements, fair wages, above average social security benefits and overall attractive working conditions, i.e. environment. 35% of our employees are employed part-time. 

code of conduct

Both, Privera and hauswartprofis, have a Code of Conduct implemented. The Group strives for diversity and promotes equal opportunities irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, skin colour, age, religion and nationality.

Guideline on the reporting of misconduct evidence

The success and good reputation is based on the trust of clients, business partners and employees as well as the general public place in the integrity of the Investis Group. The purpose of these guidelines is to ensure that unlawful actions, violations of the Code of Conduct or other misconduct can be reported accordingly. Investis Group manages to attract and retain qualified employees for the medium- and long-term by providing an open-minded, safe and healthy environment.

Employee fluctuation

Employee fluctuation is in the range of the respective industry.

Parental Leave

Investis applies the currently applicable legal framework conditions. It also attempts in individual cases to find solutions that are as suitable as possible for the affected person and their team. 

100% of all permanently employed women are entitled to paid maternity leave and 21 women made use of this in 2019. 81% of these women returned to Investis following their maternity leave.


According to the Code of Conduct of Privera and hauswartprofis, any discrimination or harassment of employees, clients or business partners on grounds of their sex, race, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disabilities or political or trade union activities are not being tolerated. 

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