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Investis aims to be the market leader for residential property investments in the Lake Geneva region and for real estate services throughout Switzerland. The Company is also targeting continued successful growth with a conservative financing profile in its “Properties” business, as well as further expansion of its “Real Estate Services” business, both organically and through acquisitions, by means of the following measures:

Continuation of buy-and-hold strategy through selected investments in the Properties segment

Investis is keen to continue its long-term buy-and-hold strategy, and to further expand the scope of its residential property portfolio through acquisitions and selected development projects. In view of the positive demographic trend and favourable macroeconomic factors, the Group plans to maintain its focus on residential property for target customers with mid-range incomes in the Lake Geneva region, particularly in the metropolitan areas of Geneva and Lausanne.

Preservation and growth of portfolio value through active portfolio management

The investment focus is on properties and projects with sustainable, attractive returns and long-term value enhancement potential. Investis seeks to preserve and increase the value of its real estate portfolio through active portfolio management. A high level of occupancy and constant cost optimisation enable value to be systematically preserved and increased. Investis is also involved in realising targeted and cost-efficient renovation projects, including optimising energy efficiency. This is in addition to construction measures such as extending rentable floor space by adding storeys, and conversions.

Income growth through a broad range of real estate services across Switzerland

The Real Estate Services segment generates attractive added value for Investis and its stakeholders. The Group also seeks national recognition by offering real estate services across Switzerland. In addition, the Group intends to add further services to its Property Management and Facility Services activities.

Greater efficiency and enhanced quality through digitalisation

Digitalisation of internal processes permits shorter and more efficient process flows. Staff are thus free to concentrate on activities that add more value, such as advising clients. Investis also intends to push ahead with the digitalisation of client interfaces in order to improve its service offering.

Solid financing strategy with a sound capital base

The Group is solidly financed and is targeting a gross loan-to-value ratio (LTV) of 40%. LTV is measured as the ratio of interest-bearing financial debt to portfolio value, but it does not include the value of the real estate service business. A low LTV ratio gives the company full flexibility to exploit any attractive opportunities that arise in the market. The Group continues to strive to optimise its financing structure and to use the most suitable financing sources over the long term, including opportunities presented by the capital market.

In view of this strategy and as announced at the IPO in 2016 all privileged creditors have been repaid and replaced by attractive fixed-rate bonds, traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich, with staggered terms. Short term financing needs are covered by unsecured senior debt credit lines.

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