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Information policy

The Investis Group maintains an open and transparent communication policy towards its shareholders, current and potential investors, financial analysts, customers, business partners and other stakeholder groups. The Investis Group provides prompt and comprehensive information on the Group’s business activities, while paying due and full regard to all the applicable provisions and directives of the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Investis Holding SA publishes a comprehensive Annual Report each year informing its shareholders about business developments and the Company’s annual results. The Annual Report 2020 is the fifth one to be made available to the public and is an online version only. Of particular importance are the Corporate Governance Report integrated into the Annual Report and the Financial Report on the past business year. Investis’ consolidated financial statements are compiled in compliance with Swiss GAAP FER.

The report on the half-year results is published and distributed in the same way as the Company’s media releases. This report contains unaudited financial results which are compiled in compliance with Swiss GAAP FER.

Investis Holding SA occasionally publishes information on current developments within its two business segments or on other Group activities. In compliance with the relevant listing regulations of the SIX Swiss Exchange, these communications are always issued simultaneously to a broad circle of recipients. The information contained in these reports and communications is considered correct at the time of its publication. Investis does not update media releases issued in the past in the light of subsequent market or business developments.

Investis conducts its reporting in accordance with the disclosure obligations set out in the Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FMIA) as well as the SIX Swiss Exchange’s ad hoc publicity rules. An archive of all media releases can be found on the Company website under Media releases. These releases are always published in three languages, i. e., English, German and French.

Following its listing, Investis has created an archive on its website containing all published reports, presentations and other relevant published communications.

As part of its investor relations function, Investis Holding SA organises:

  • conference calls around the publication of its full and half-year results or other information updates;
  • meetings with investors and analysts, either individually or in groups on roadshows in key financial centers;
  • presentations at brokers’ and banks’ events.

These activities are conducted with a focus on recently announced developments or financial results, and in full compliance with the SIX Exchange’s directive on ad–hoc publicity.

Presentations for financial analysts and investors are regularly archived on the Company website. These presentations are not constantly updated, but document long-term developments within the Company.

Interested parties may also add their name to the Investor Relations e-mail list on the Company website.

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