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This Corporate Governance Report describes the principles of management and control as they apply to the top decision-making bodies of the Investis Group. To enhance transparency and thus comparability with other companies, it has been prepared in conformity with the SIX Corporate Governance Directive. Unless otherwise specified, all information contained in the report is based on data as at 31 December 2020. Due to rounding, parts of an item that has been broken down may add up to more or less than 100% of the total item.

The principles and rules of corporate governance as practised by the Investis Group are set out in the Company’s Articles of Association, its Organisational Regulations and the regulations of the Board of Directors’ committees. The chairman of the Board of Directors (the “Chairman”) reviews the content and current relevance of the corporate provisions regularly and proposes any additions or amendments required to the Board of Directors.

The Investis Group complies with all the rules relevant to corporate governance. In particular, the Investis Group abides by all existing legislation, the directives of the SIX Swiss Exchange and the remarks thereto, and the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance issued by economiesuisse, Switzerland’s umbrella business association.

This Annual Report contains the Compensation Report of the Board of Directors, which also complies with the Swiss Ordinance against Excessive Compensation at Listed Joint-Stock Companies (OaEC).

To avoid duplication, some sections contain cross-references that are available on the Investis website under the following links:

All weblinks being referred to are listed under the chapter “Information policy of this Corporate Governance Report 2020”.